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Our Corporate Clients Reference List

Company Name Business Type Project Conducted
Central Dance Studios Corporate Plumbing
Come Good Investment Ltd Corporate Electrical
Dolphin Logistics Co Ltd Corporate Water supply, Plumbing
Dr. Chen Yee Ling Clinic Clinic Security system, Electrical
Dr. Ng Chi Hong Clinic Clinic Security or lock system
First Eastren Shipping Limited Corporate Electrical
Hanwa Co. (HK) Ltd Corporate Annual maintenance contract
House Of Diamonds Corporate Electrical
Jubi limited Corporate Water supply, Plumbing
Love Travel Co. Ltd. Corporate Electrical
Nokia Siemens Network H.K. Limited Corporate Annual maintenance contract
Panasonic Ecology System HK Co. Ltd. Corporate Annual maintenance contract
Panda Logistics Ltd Corporate Electrical
Symmetry Digital and Visual Ltd NGO Electrical
Tenfine Development Limited Corporate Plumbing
仁愛堂社區及家庭服務部 NGO Air-conditioning
方舟多媒體博物館 NGO Water supply, Plumbing
平安福音堂有限公司 NGO Air-conditioning, Electrical
平安醫療中心 NGO Air-conditioning, Electrical
永光集團有限公司 Corporate Electrical
宏通(香港)物流有限公司 Corporate Plumbing
明朗服務有限公司 NGO Plumbing
泛太置業有限公司 Corporate Air-conditioning
保良局展能活動中心 NGO Regular service maintenance contractor
香港神託會 NGO Regular service maintenance contractor
香港傷健協會九龍東傷健中心 NGO Plumbing
香港聖公會麥理浩夫人中心 NGO Air-conditioning
培藝社 NGO Electrical
凱思博投資管理(香港)有限公司 Corporate Plumbing
智邁企業(香港)有限公司 NGO Plumbing
馮建裕牙科醫生診所 Clinic Security or lock system
甄榮偉牙科診所 Clinic Security or lock system
寰宇希望 NGO Electrical, plumbing
麗澤中學 School Water supply
觀塘道342號飛騰行 Corporate Water supply, Plumbing

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