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Electricity System in Hong Kong

The CLP and HK Electric supply electricity in Hong Kong.  Coals are the source for generating electricity.  220 volts, 50Hz and single-phase are normally the standard of electricity supply for household, and the 380volts, 50 Hz with 3-phase are normally for business and factory.  All electricity installation must compile with the requirement and standard of the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department.  User requires higher voltage supply of electricity can submit sufficient information to CLP or HK Electric for application.

The HK electricity regulations were based on the British Standard, and modified for the use of HK environment. There are other rules and regulations needed to be coped with for safety issue such as hardware usage, workmanship, repair and maintenance procedure, safety procedure and methods of repair and testing etc.

Our Project Manager owns Master Degree of Engineering Management with licenses of electricity, we are expertise in project planning, sourcing and quality control. Our team members including engineers and technicians owning the government required electrical licenses with wide range of practicial experience for all kinds of electrical works. Residential, commercial and industrial electricity with single-phase or 3-phase power fitting are the major services, we also experienced in annual WR2 electricity inspection, HKE and CLP meter application and all kinds of household works. We are all ready to serve you.

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