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家居用電安全小貼士 Electricity safety tips around the home

使用電器產品 Use of Electrical Appliances
用電安全小貼士 Electrical Safety Tips
電力裝置安全小貼士 Electrical Devices Safety Tips


使用電器產品 Use of Electrical Appliances

Ensure any electrical items are approved HKSAR EMSD standard when purchasing and keep them correctly maintained where necessary.

Use the correct voltage electrical equipment and correct wattage light bulb for all light fittings.

Don't remove a plug from a power point by pulling on the cord; pull the plug instead.

Use socket covers on sockets accessible to young children.

Never plug adaptors into adaptors and avoid using adaptors filled with plugs where possible.

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用電安全小貼士 Electrical Safety Tips

Do not use non waterproved electrical equipment outside if it's raining.

Do not use any electrical items in the bathroom or within 2 meters of water supplies. Some low voltage electrical items especially designed for use there, e.g. Shavers and electric toothbrushes. Even with these items however, take care not to get wet and avoid plugging and unplugging with wet hands.

Switch off electrical items that are not in regular use at the plug and ensure that when we are away from the house for any length of time that you unplug and switch off electrical items as items left plugged in can be a fire risk and waste energy if left on standby.

Do not use items with damaged cords so that the wires are exposed. Either repair or replace. Check items regularly. Do not use damaged sockets, replace with care when necessary. Always turn the electrics off at the mains if carrying out any electrical repairs and only attempt repairs if you know what you are doing.

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電力裝置安全小貼士 Electrical Device Saving Tips

Always hire a licensed electrician to carry out any repairs.

Circuit breakers and fuses should be the correct size current rating for their circuit.

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