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保安裝置 Security Hardware Device

我需要甚麼程度的保障呢?How much security do I need?
家居保安方案Home security Solutions


我需要甚麼程度的保障呢?How much security do I need?


A security system should be designed to give you a combination of outside and inside protection. It can include door sensors, window sensors, motion detectors, glass-break coverage, and fire protection. The size and layout of your home must be taken into consideration when designing a security-system application. It is recommended that all systems contain door sensors and at least one motion detector. Additional protection should be added to meet the individual needs of the property being protected.
Combating today's criminals requires latest security systems that are custom-tailored for each application. When choosing a security system, the security consultant may help to have a professional look over your home and explain the options and the security plan. You can then decide whether you want an alarm to scare off burglars and alert neighbors, or a system that sends signals to a 24 hour monitoring center or to the local police.

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家居保安方案Home security Solutions


When you're choosing an alarm system, security consultant may help to have a professional look over your home and explain the options available, including what type of system may be best for your home, and all costs involved. Generally, you will have two basic choices. The first choice is a simple alarm to scare off potential burglars and perhaps alert neighbors. The second choice is a system that sends signals to a secured alarm response center or to the local police. These two types can be combined or have additional features, such as a motion detector.
Before you buy a system, be sure to check the reputation of the manufacturer. Make sure the system you choose will be easy to live with and will not disrupt your normal family routine; you won’t use it if the setting is too complicated. Also, look for features like magnetic sensors for windows, doors and perimeter protection. IR sensor for interior protection. Fire, smoke and CO sensors for general safety. Panic buttons for alarm and 24 hours monitoring services. Finally, be sure to check the warranty and maintenance service you get from the manufacturer.

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